Preparing for a Bitterly Cold Winter

2 Signs Your Water Heater’s TPR Valve Needs Immediate Professional Attention

If your home's hot water heater is making an odd whistling noise every time it heats water, you may be wondering what could be causing the strange sound. This whistling is often the sound made when the tank's temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve is malfunctioning. Besides the high-pitched noise, also look for the following signs that the valve is failing and needs immediate professional attention. 1.  Water Is Leaking from the Valve Read More 

4 Tips To Help Get Your Cooling Ready With The Right AC Maintenance And Home Improvements

As the winter months come to an end, cooling maintenance and home improvements are important. Doing good maintenance now will help improve the efficiency of your AC and prevent problems during the heat of the summer. The following tips will help you with the right maintenance and home improvements to get your home ready for hot summer weather. 1. Stop Air Leaks That Lead to Energy Loss and Excessive AC Wear Read More 

How Homeowners Can Easily Circumvent Expensive Furnace Repairs

The furnace is such a pivotal appliance in your household to maintain, as it brings warm air in to keep your home comfortable during cold days of the year. If you take these maintenance steps, you can keep it working great and avoid costly repairs at the same time. Change the Air Filter Periodically  The air filter is such an important component for your furnace. It collects dirt and debris to prevent them from affecting your furnace in any way. Read More 

The Top Signs That Your Furnace May Be Nearing The End Of Its Lifespan

It is cold outside, and the last thing you want is for your furnace to stop heating your home during this time of year. Fortunately, it is pretty rare for a furnace to stop working out of nowhere. Your furnace often gives you signs that it is aging and nearing the end of its lifespan. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with these signs, and as such, they miss them. They are then caught off guard when their unit stops working in the dead of winter. Read More 

Air Conditioning Installations And Home Warranties: How One Impacts The Other

Okay, so you loved the sales pitch on home warranties so much that you bought the policy. That is great from the standpoint that every appliance you own, including your current air conditioner, is covered against product failures, parts replacement, and total replacement of the system if necessary. That is not so great from the standpoint of who you choose for air conditioning installations. Here is how the home warranties impact air conditioning installations. Read More