The Advantages Of Propane As A Heating Fuel

Heating commercial structures is significantly more challenging than heating a single home. Commercial buildings require HVAC technology that is reliable, cost-effective, energy efficient and, above all, safe. While a wide variety of options are available in this space, propane offers a number of unique advantages that make it especially well suited to the task. Like oil, propane is a form of fossil fuel, but there are numerous reasons why it is a better option for many business owners.

Propane Is Clean

Propane burns cleanly, adding much less pollution to the environment when compared to other fossil fuels. In fact, propane and natural gas are the two cleanest-burning fossil fuels that are available. Not only does propane release fewer harmful pollutants into the air, but it also produces fewer CO2 emissions than heating oil. Its overall environmental footprint is even smaller when compared to grid-powered electrical heating systems.

Propane Is Highly Efficient

Propane has an exceptionally high energy density, which in layman's terms means that it produces a large amount of energy for the volume of propane being burned. This efficiency contributes to its low environmental footprint, as less propane needs to be burned to provide the same amount of heating as less-efficient fuels. It also helps to save you money, since you will need to purchase propane less often than other types of heating fuels.

Propane Pricing Is Consistent

If you've dealt with heating oil prices in the past, then you know that they can fluctuate wildly with the market. For homeowners, this is a costly and frustrating inconvenience. As a business owner, it can have a serious effect on your bottom line and make long-term budgeting and planning difficult. While propane is not immune to price fluctuations, its price tends to remain significantly more stable.  

Propane Is More Useful Than You Think

Not only can propane provide central heating for your commercial structure, but it can also be used to power a number of different types of commercial appliances. In fact, propane is used as a power source for everything from grills to vehicles. If you happen to operate a commercial kitchen, then it may even be possible to use the same fuel source for your kitchen appliances as for your heating. When having a propane system installed, be sure to discuss other possible uses with your propane supplier.

Propane is a reliable, safe, and well-tested choice for heating large commercial structures. It offers numerous benefits to both your budget and your business operations, making it a great option to consider next time you are planning a major heating upgrade.