4 Things That Might Go Wrong With a Gas Water Heater

Does your HVAC system malfunction a lot because something is wrong with the gas water heater? Depending on the problem, it is possible that an HVAC contractor can perform a prompt repair. In some cases, the best way to resolve the problem is to invest in a new water heater. This article goes over common problems that you may experience with gas water heaters so you will know the type of repair it needs. Read More 

Taking A Quick Look At The Advantages Of Crawlspace Encapsulation

When you think about making upgrades and changes to your home, if you are like most homeowners, your immediate ideas will be relative to making changes to the interior of the home. However, there is one change you can make to your home that will make a huge difference in its overall functionality and safety and this upgrade happens in an area that you may never even go: the crawlspace. Crawlspace encapsulation is quickly becoming one of the most common ways to upgrade an existing home, and it is for good reason. Read More 

Answers To Common Questions About The Dangers Of A Clogged Filter In Your Furnace

If you have finally needed to turn on the furnace on a cold night, only to discover that the house isn't much warmer than it was before you did so, it is important to gain an understanding of a common and likely culprit—the clogged air filter. Fortunately, a clogged filter does not have to be an expensive fix. However, being aware of the following information can help you determine if you need to call an emergency HVAC specialist to address a bigger problem or if you are lucky enough to find that replacing the air filter gets your home warm. Read More 

Three Tips For Getting The Most From Your Home’s Heating System

Having an efficient heating system is integral for keeping your home comfortable when it is extremely cold outside. While it is important to get the most from your heating system, you may be unsure of the types of upgrades that can be made to help improve the performance of the heating system. Therefore, you will likely want to benefit from learning the following few heating tips. Consider Upgrading To Gas Over Oil Read More 

3 Potential Causes of Water Under Your Air Handler—And How a Plumber Can Help

The air-handler portion of your air conditioner resides inside the furnace. Within the handler, a set of evaporator coils take in liquid chemical refrigerant and perform a phase change to a gas. The change causes the coils to become cold, and that provides your home's air a source of cooling but also produces condensate. Condensate drips down into the bottom of the handler, where a drain pan collects the moisture and disposes of the water in one of two ways down a drainpipe. Read More