4 Things That Might Go Wrong With a Gas Water Heater

Does your HVAC system malfunction a lot because something is wrong with the gas water heater? Depending on the problem, it is possible that an HVAC contractor can perform a prompt repair. In some cases, the best way to resolve the problem is to invest in a new water heater. This article goes over common problems that you may experience with gas water heaters so you will know the type of repair it needs.

The Thermocouple Is Defective

A thermocouple is an important part of a gas water heater; it is basically a part that links the gas valve to the pilot. The thermocouple is able to help the gas valve sense when the pilot is ignited, which is necessary so gas can continuously flow to the pilot. The pilot might continuously go out or not come on at all if the thermocouple is defective.

The Burner Access Covers Are Broken

The burner access covers must be in good shape for the pilot to stay ignited. If the doors are not in place, you will need to get them replaced. Basically, the access doors prevent drafts from causing the pilot flame to go out. If there are windows or doors near the area where the water heater is located, drafts can cause the pilot to constantly go out.

There Is Too Much Rust on the Pilot Orifice

Rust is one of the common reasons a gas water heater becomes problematic. The rust can cover the pilot orifice and make it difficult for fire to come through. Rust is usually the result of the water heater being old. If you experience this issue, the orifice will have to be replaced, or  the water heater is simply too old for repairs.

The Gas Lines Are Clogged Up

If dirt has accumulated inside the lines, there is the possibility that gas does not flow through the lines to the fullest extent. A contractor will be able to clean out the lines to resolve the problem. If the lines are not clogged up, they might have a crack that allows gas to leak out. Cracked gas lines must be promptly replaced for safety reasons.

If you experience these or other issues, speak to a local HVAC contractor so repairs can begin. They will likely be able to help ensure the hot water heater is properly repaired or replaced in due time before winter arrives.