3 Things That Can Happen When You Forgo Air Conditioning Maintenance From A Pro

Air conditioning maintenance is skipped by some well-meaning homeowners who assume that they do not have to get it. Routine maintenance is important because it ensures that AC systems are functioning correctly. A system that is at risk for a breakdown might temporarily continue to produce cool air. However, at some point, an issue, such as low coolant levels, is bound to cause issues, such as blowing warm air. Coolant levels are checked during routine maintenance and coolant is added if needed. Read More 

Key Maintenance Tips For Residential Hot Water Heater Systems

Getting hot water in homes today is pretty convenient and safe thanks to hot water heaters. If your property has one and you want it to perform great for many years, then be sure to maintain it in the following ways. Flush Annually Sediment can eventually build up on the inside of your hot water heater tank, which if left untreated can break down this part and thus require you to get a replacement. Read More 

Why Your Air Conditioner Or Heater Is A Lot Noisier Than It Used To Be

Air conditioners and heaters do tend to make some noise when running, but excessive noise indicates an issue. It could be a very simple one, but it could also be something that requires repairs. You don't want to be left without climate control in your home, so calling an HVAC company for service is a good idea. Age Affects Efficiency and Function If the noise increase was gradual and you're just noticing that your air conditioner is really kind of loud, the age of the system may be a factor. Read More 

When Your Furnace Needs A New Fan Belt

Furnace repairs may seem like a mystery to you. While it is recommended that you leave furnace repairs to the pros, it can be reassuring to learn a little more about them so you have a better understanding of what your HVAC contractor is doing when they're working on your home. One of the most common repairs HVAC contractors make is replacing the fan belts on furnaces. Here's a closer look at this type of repair. Read More 

What Are The Perks Of Preventive HVAC Maintenance?

Today's homeowners expect their homes to be comfortable places to live. As a result, proper maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is essential. Although most homeowners are aware of the need for routine maintenance of these systems, many are unaware of the many benefits that preventive maintenance can provide. Most HVAC systems are designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. However, the systems must be properly installed and maintained to achieve their full potential. Read More