Moving To A Desert With A Newborn? You Need Air Conditioning To Protect Their Health

Newborn children are often very delicate and sensitive to changes in their surroundings. One of the most dangerous of these conditions is excessive heat. Unfortunately, people moving to the desert may be exposing their child to this danger. Thankfully, air conditioning in your home can protect your child from the dangers of excessive heat. Heat Affects Children More Heavily The desert produces the kind of serious heat that can be damaging to the health of just about anybody. Read More 

Two Questions About The Air Conditioner Evaporator Coils

There are many important parts to your home's air conditioner, but one part that is crucial to its operation are the evaporator coils. Here are two questions that homeowners may have about this part of their HVAC system. What Are The Evaporator Coils? There are actually two evaporator coils for an air conditioner, with first one located inside and the second one located outside. Each coil has its own job that helps the system work. Read More 

Benefits Of Mechanical Ventilation

Most people understand the two basic functions of an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system–the heating and air conditioning parts are well understood. However, the ventilation function often isn't well understood. Next time you're looking into HVAC repair or service, considering installing mechanical ventilation. Here are some of the reasons you need mechanical ventilation and can't just rely on natural ventilation of the house: Controlled Fresh Air Movement One of the best things about mechanical ventilation is that it allows you to control the movement of air in to and out of the house. Read More 

Choosing Boiler Repair Services And Exploring The Available Options

Boilers tend to last for a long period of time. Even furnaces will often need to get replaced more often than boilers, and furnaces can last for more than a decade. However, boilers will experience problems eventually. Some people might get their boilers fixed, while other people will get new boilers altogether. People who are thinking about fixing their boilers should always take the age of the boiler into account. Read More 

Protecting Your Heater When Winter Won’t Go Away

Much of the country is still getting socked by winter, even though it's almost late spring. The need to use a heater in adverse, icy conditions for much longer than usual can take a toll on your heating system. If you are in one of the regions that's still getting multiple feet of snow, the heating system in your home is going to need more attention. Keep Changing Those Filters Read More