Is A Heat Pump Right For Your Home? Consider These Factors

If you're thinking about installing a new heat pump in your home, you're not alone. Heat pumps stand out thanks to their numerous advantages in terms of performance, efficiency, and comfort. Nevertheless, choosing a heat pump over a traditional furnace for your heating needs is still difficult. Here are a few factors to consider as you weigh your options. You Don't Want to Spend Too Much on Heating Depending on your home's climate control needs, a heat pump installation can work out to be cheaper than a typical furnace. Read More 

Don’t Waste Energy On Those Occasional Hot Fall Days

Even when the weather gets cooler, there might be some days where you feel like using your air conditioner. Unfortunately, an air conditioning unit uses the most energy out of every unit in your home, and you'll be wasting money if you don't use your air conditioner as efficiently as possible. Run Ceiling Fans Use ceiling fans whenever you can. The ceiling fans may allow you to avoid using your air conditioning on some days. Read More 

The Advantages Of Propane As A Heating Fuel

Heating commercial structures is significantly more challenging than heating a single home. Commercial buildings require HVAC technology that is reliable, cost-effective, energy efficient and, above all, safe. While a wide variety of options are available in this space, propane offers a number of unique advantages that make it especially well suited to the task. Like oil, propane is a form of fossil fuel, but there are numerous reasons why it is a better option for many business owners. Read More 

4 Ways To Maintain Your Air Conditioning System In The Fall

When fall rolls in, many people just turn their air conditioner off for the season and figure they'll deal with maintenance the next spring. But while maintaining your air conditioner annually in the spring is a good idea, you may want to do some fall maintenance, too. Here are four ways to maintain your air conditioning system this fall. 1. Change the filter If you live in an area where you use heat in the winter and AC in the summer, then you should absolutely change your air filter in the fall. Read More 

Switching From Hot Water Heat To Forced Air

Many first-time home buyers can only afford an older home, as their price tends to be less than new constructions. However, a lot of these homes use hot water for heating via radiators, and buyers can be reluctant to purchase a home with this kind of heat. Hot water heating has many benefits over forced air heating. For example, other than the occasional hiss or sound of the boiler rumbling, hot water heating is much quieter than forced air heating. Read More