4 Additional Costs That Can Add To The Cost Of Your AC System Replacement

When having an air conditioning unit installed in your home, it is important to be financially prepared so that you can pay for this important home improvement. Typically, the quote for an air conditioning installation includes the cost of the unit itself and the labor that is involved in a typical installation. Sometimes, though, there are additional costs that homeowners aren't really prepared for. You can ask your air conditioning installation professional about which costs to prepare for, but these are some of the additional costs that might be relevant for your installation.

1. Disposal of Your Old Unit

First of all, if you have an existing air conditioning unit in place outside of your home, you will probably need to have it removed from your property. Some air conditioning companies will charge you for this removal, so inquire about this cost. Additionally, you may want to ask questions about how your air conditioning system will be disposed of; then, you can make sure that it's done in a responsible way.

2. Installation of a New Concrete Pad 

Having your air conditioning system installed on a concrete pad is typically a good idea. Then, you can make sure that your unit is level and kept protected from the ground. If your existing concrete pad is sinking, cracked, or is otherwise seriously damaged, then it might be time to have it replaced. This obviously comes with an additional cost. It is smart to go ahead and have a new, sturdy concrete pad installed when installing your new unit so that you can ensure that it's set up properly and that it is properly protected.

3. Elevating Your Outdoor AC Unit

In some cases, a simple concrete pad is not really sufficient for protecting and setting up an air conditioning unit. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, for example, it might be smart for you to go ahead and have it lifted off of the ground. This does come with an additional cost, but you may find that it's worth it so that you can protect your unit from future flooding.

4. Installing New Duct Work

If you have existing duct work in place, your AC replacement crew may be able to use that duct work when setting up your new air conditioning system. If this is not an option, such as if your duct work is rusty or otherwise damaged, then replacing it will be a necessity. This can add to the cost of your air conditioning installation.