3 Things That Can Happen When You Forgo Air Conditioning Maintenance From A Pro

Air conditioning maintenance is skipped by some well-meaning homeowners who assume that they do not have to get it. Routine maintenance is important because it ensures that AC systems are functioning correctly. A system that is at risk for a breakdown might temporarily continue to produce cool air. However, at some point, an issue, such as low coolant levels, is bound to cause issues, such as blowing warm air. Coolant levels are checked during routine maintenance and coolant is added if needed. If levels remain low for an extended amount of time, it is possible for the compressor to fail, which is an expensive AC repair issue. In some cases, a broken compressor is indicative that a homeowner needs to consider upgrading to a new AC system. This might be recommended if the repair costs exceed or are comparable to getting a new AC. The following points identify what's at risk when homeowners do not get air conditioning maintenance. 


Manufacturers make it clear in writing the things that can void their warranties. Some homeowners are not privy to getting a clear understanding and may be unaware that forgoing maintenance appointments is a commonly listed action that can void an AC warranty. Without a valid warranty, homeowners must pay for repair costs out-of-pocket. Manufacturers do not rely on individuals verbally making statements the AC maintenance services have been performed. They want documentation before they will pay the costs for AC repairs.


AC systems that are not properly maintained may not initially have repair issues. However, as they age, homeowners might experience frequent repairs due to the aging system and lack of routine tune-ups over the years. One of the main reasons this occurs is that systems that are not maintained have to work harder to produce cool air, and this wears out critical AC parts sooner. 

High Energy Costs

If an air conditioning system has to work harder, it will require more energy. This equates to higher energy costs. Homeowners who make the decision to forgo maintenance need to take the time to consider how much more they are likely to spend on cooling costs. The money being wasted on energy bills could likely pay for the cost of an air conditioning maintenance appointment over time.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to understand more about other potential consequences of skipping air conditioning maintenance. They can also explain maintenance processes, such as winterization.

Contact a local air conditioning maintenance service to learn more.