Why Your Air Conditioner Or Heater Is A Lot Noisier Than It Used To Be

Air conditioners and heaters do tend to make some noise when running, but excessive noise indicates an issue. It could be a very simple one, but it could also be something that requires repairs. You don't want to be left without climate control in your home, so calling an HVAC company for service is a good idea.

Age Affects Efficiency and Function

If the noise increase was gradual and you're just noticing that your air conditioner is really kind of loud, the age of the system may be a factor. The older the system, the noisier it tends to be. If you know that your system is very old, age may be all that's affecting it. It's still advisable to call an HVAC service for an inspection anyway as you really don't want to assume anything. If the increase in noise was sudden, then you definitely need to call an HVAC service. Sudden increases in noise from the air conditioning or heating are not good signs.

The Filter Is Clogged

Something that is really simple but can cause a lot of noise is a clogged air conditioning filter. This is one of the easiest fixes possible; all you have to do is replace the filter. Find the filter door, which is usually in the wall and easy to access. Open it; you may have to unscrew a few screws. Pull the existing filter out, make sure you have an appropriate replacement filter (if you don't, note the part number and go to a home improvement store), and put that filter in. You can throw out the old filter. If the air conditioner noise does not improve, then it's time to call an HVAC company for service.

One of the (Many) Motors Is Having Problems

Your HVAC system has a number of motors, such as the fan motor or the compressor motor. One or more of these could be having problems and causing all that noise. If the noise sounds periodic or almost like a screeching sound, that's an indication that a motor needs repair. It is possible that it will have to be replaced, but the repair service can do that fairly easily. Note that if one motor appears to be making noise, you may want to have the others inspected, too, just to ensure that they are working fine and not about to start making noise themselves.

If your air conditioner or heater seems to be noisier than it used to be, give an HVAC company a call and have the system checked out. It's better to inspect and find the problem is simple than it would be to let the problem grow over time.