Why It’s Best To Have A Water Heater Installed By A Professional

Does your home need a new hot water heater, and do you think that you can get the job on your own and save some money? If so, it will help to know some of the mistakes you may make along the way. 

You May Buy The Wrong Size Hot Water Heater 

You may think that a bigger hot water heater is the solution to your problems with water pressure and a lack of hot water. There may actually be something else going on that you are not aware of. For example, the pipes may be made out of material that rusts from the inside, or you end up paying too much to heat water in a tank that is never used because it's too big. 

A plumber not only helps with the installation of a water heater, but they can help with purchasing the water heater as well. This helps ensure you get the right one for your home.

You May Solder The Joints Incorrectly

There is a right and wrong way that copper pipes together. Some people make the mistake of soldering the pipes while they are directly connected to the water heater. This can actually cause damage to the water heater that you may not be aware of, such as melting plastic parts like the dip tube. A professional will know to prep the pipes for soldering away from the hot water tank, which makes sure it is done quickly. 

You May Incorrectly Install The Discharge Pipe

Your hot water tank will have a relief valve where water is designed to flow out to alleviate pressure. However, a common mistake that can be made is not installing an extension on the discharge pipe. If there is no extension pipe going to the drip pan, that hot water is going to drip onto the floor. Your plumber has seen the problems this discharge pipe can cause, so they know how to install it correctly. 

You May Turn On The Heating Element Prematurely

Some people decide to plug in an electric water heater prematurely to see if it is working, but at the time the heating element is not submerged under water. This will cause the part to dry fire, which will cause the heating element to need replacement prematurely. You can avoid this by only turning on the appliance once it is filled up with water. A plumber knows about this, and won't damage your heating element by accident.

Reach out to a residential water heater installation company to find out more.