What Can Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services Do When Your Business Fridge Leaks Water?

It is distressing to discover that your commercial refrigerator is leaking water since it signifies a problem that might impede the company. Thankfully, a commercial fridge repair technician can quickly diagnose and repair this essential item. Here are a few reasons why your industrial refrigerator may be leaking water:

1. The Seals May Have Become Worn

The seals surrounding your refrigerator's doors are essential for keeping cold air inside and warm air outside. These seals might deteriorate over time, leading your refrigerator to leak water. 

A gasket is the rubber seal along the refrigerator door's edge. If this seal is broken, your refrigerator may leak water. By fixing the seals and gaskets, the repair specialist may fix seal leakage.

2. The Coils May Be Obstructed by Dirt

If the evaporator coils are blocked with dirt, they won't be able to function correctly, and your refrigerator may begin leaking water. This is because ice crystals often form on the dirt particles and then cause spillage when they melt. This problem is easy to solve because cleaning the coils is straightforward. However, you should think of ways of blocking dirt from coming in.

3. The Drain Line Could Be Blocked

A clogged drain line is one of the most common reasons for water leaks. Water might seep out of the refrigerator if the drain pipe gets clogged. The drain line may be cleaned by a commercial refrigerator repair service to restore appropriate flow.

4. Defrost Heater Could Be Faulty

The defrost heater in your business refrigerator might be malfunctioning, causing it to leak water. Ice might build up on the evaporator coils if the defrost heater isn't operating correctly. Water may then flow onto the floor when the ice melts. The defrost heater will be tested by the technician in order to determine whether the appliance is operating properly.

5. There is a Chance That the Water Line Is Defective

For ice to develop, water must be supplied via the water line. This pipe may get clogged or defective from time to time. Disconnection may also lead to huge leakage. Kinking may also occur if the refrigerator is relocated. Age-related cracks need the purchase of a new part.

Leaking refrigerators are still functional, but the leak reveals flaws that might become more significant in the future. In order to avoid the growth of mold and fungus, the leaks should be repaired as well. Call a commercial refrigeration repair service to find and rectify the leaks.