4 Common Boiler Repair Problems You Should Know

The boiler is often hidden in many homes and works behind the scenes. But it is one of the most crucial appliances in a home, keeping the family safe from freezing weather. It is easy to ignore the boiler because it is unseen, so boiler problems often come unexpectedly. But like any other appliance, your boiler can have problems. Here are some common boiler repair issues you can expect.  

1. Leaks and Drips 

A leak is a sign that your boiler is in serious trouble. You should treat a boiler tank leak as an emergency. It shows that the boiler is corroded to the extent that the tank's integrity is compromised. Sometimes, the boiler technician will advise a replacement. 

Dripping from the pressure valve or pump signifies gaps in the seal. This problem is repaired by identifying and sealing the gap. Sometimes the dripping is harmless condensation that has settled on the pump or valve.

2. Mineral Kettling

If you use hard water from a well or a public provider, you will likely see a kettling problem in your boiler. The minerals in hard water settle on the surfaces of the boiler, including the coil. 

A boiler with a kettling problem becomes energy inefficient. The mineral deposit forms a thin insulating layer on the boiler's coil. The boiler works longer than expected to heat the water and develops dangerous pressure levels. 

Fortunately, a boiler technician can clean away this problem by removing the heat exchanger and scrubbing the insides. A longer-term solution would involve installing a water softener to remove the minerals in the water coming into the house.

3. Pilot Light Problem 

It is very important to check if the pilot light is lit if you have an older boiler. The pilot light should burn 24/7 to take away the emissions from the gas pipe. In newer boilers, the pilot light ignites automatically. If the pilot goes out, there is a gas buildup in the boiler area and then the home. It causes gas explosions in some cases. A problematic pilot light needs emergency repair to avoid a gas explosion. 

4. Thermostat Problems

Sometimes the boiler does not respond to the thermostat. The boiler goes to very high temperatures, risking an explosion. The most common cause of thermostat failure is low battery level. If replacing the battery does not work, the boiler technician will diagnose the thermostat's calibration.

Do you have a boiler that is not working as expected? Call residential boiler repair services for more information.