Common Residential Furnace Problems Your Technician Can Fix

Even with proper installation and regular maintenance, your furnace can develop repair issues. Troubleshooting these issues and timely furnace repair will save your household from suffering through extremely cold temperatures during the winter. Here are common furnace repair issues you should keep an eye out for.

No Heating

Your heating system has one job, to circulate warmth throughout your residence so you and your family enjoy comfort even if it's chilly outside. If the furnace is unable to sustain comfort in your residence, it's a sign that it has an issue that requires your technician's attention.

One reason the heating system could stop heating is if you forget to turn on the thermostat or you turned it on but didn't set it to "Heat." It could also be that you've adjusted the thermostat's temperature settings, so while the furnace is heating air, the warmth generated is not sufficient to keep you comfortable.

Residential HVAC repair services can reset the thermostat for you to allow the furnace to do its work. Professionals will also inspect the heating system to ensure there aren't hidden issues making it stop heating.

Short Heating Cycles 

When you activate your heating system, it schedules heating cycles with the objective of sustaining the programmed temperature on the thermostat. You will notice that it goes off for a time and then comes back on a number of times throughout the day.

While it's normal for the furnace to have on and off cycles, if it turns off and on too frequently, there's no way it can sustain consistent room temperatures.

Short heating cycles indicate that your heating system has a problem. The main culprit is often a blocked air filter that restricts airflow in the furnace, which causes overheating. The furnace's safety switches then force the system to shut down to prevent damage. Call your technician for professional air filters cleaning so that the heating system can get back to normal function.

Furnace Breakdown 

Sometimes, a furnace can suddenly stop running before it attains your desired room temperature and then fails to come back on. One plausible explanation is that your heating system might have tripped the circuit breaker. Other times, it's a much more serious issue, so ensure you don't try to turn the furnace on. 

You should wait for the HVAC technician to conduct an extensive inspection. Accurate diagnosis ensures that the cause of the problem is tackled.

If your heating system is acting up, the first thing to do is call your technician. Contact residential HVAC repair services for extensive inspections and reliable repairs.