Top Signs That Your Home Boiler Needs Repair

You might rely on a boiler to keep your home warm during the winter, and you probably want to keep that boiler in good shape so that you will be able to rely on it when the temperatures are cold. Watching out for signs that there might be something wrong with your boiler, such as the signs below, is important. Then, you can call a boiler repair service as soon as possible to arrange an appointment. 

Your Boiler Is Making a Lot of Noise

Although boilers do make some noise, many people actually prefer them over forced-air heating systems because of the fact that they are so much quieter. If your boiler is making a lot of noise all of a sudden, then there might be something wrong with it. For example, "kettling" is a surprisingly common problem that occurs with residential boilers, and it's caused by mineral build-up inside the boiler. If your boiler is making loud beating and banging noises, then there is a chance that it has this problem. If you call a boiler repair professional after noticing that your boiler is making strange noises, you can get help with determining the source of the problem and getting your boiler back in good shape.

Your Boiler Tank Is Leaking

Your boiler's tank is designed to hold water. However, if something goes wrong with your boiler, there is the chance that the tank could begin to leak. It's also possible that one of the pipes that runs from your boiler could leak, too. If there is a leak, then your boiler will not be able to work properly. Additionally, the leak could cause property damage, since even a minor leak could result in a lot of water leaking and damaging your flooring, walls, and more. A boiler repair professional should be able to find the cause of the leak and repair it so that you don't have to worry about this issue anymore.

Your Boiler Isn't Heating Your Home

If your boiler is not producing enough heat to keep your home nice and warm, or if you can't get it to turn on at all, then you will obviously need to take action right away. Otherwise, you might struggle to keep your family warm this winter. The problem might be something simple, but even if it's more complicated, a competent and experienced boiler repair professional should be able to help.