When Is The Best Time For An AC Repair?

Unfortunately, most emergencies around the house can't wait until it's a convenient time for you to get them fixed. A heater that stops working in the middle of the winter, for example, should be fixed as soon as possible so that your family doesn't suffer and your home doesn't feel the negative side effects of too-cold temperatures.

If you can wait to get your AC fixed though, when is the best time? It should come as little surprise that the best time to schedule an air conditioning repair, if possible, is late summer or early spring. Generally, these transition times between seasons are the slowest times for HVAC companies, which means they'll be able to fit you in easily and get your system optimized in no time. Convenience factor aside, though, there are a few more reasons why it makes sense to get your air conditioning system repaired during these off-peak times.

It's Usually Cheaper

Air conditioning repair calls can be expensive, but even more so during an emergency. Off-peak times, though, are usually less expensive since HVAC companies are generally slower during these time periods. Not only will they be able to fit you in sooner, saving you money on lost energy, for instance, but they may also have certain discounts or incentives for service if you schedule them then as well. If your air conditioning repair can wait, call your HVAC company to see if you can schedule it during the off-peak times of year.

It's Usually Quicker

HVAC companies usually keep a staff year-round, but since there is less to do during late summer and early spring, they may send out extra manpower to take care of your air conditioning system repair. For example, it can take several days to fully disassemble and replace a full ventilation system during a normal time of year, but the larger crews that are available in off-peak times may mean it can be done in 1-2 days.

It's Usually More Convenient

If you know that your air conditioner has at least a few issues, it can be a roll of the dice to see if it'll hold out during the entire summer. Having it serviced during an off-peak time period ensures that it won't fail suddenly when it's hotter, leaving you with a scramble to schedule emergency services. Tasks like cleaning and maintenance are best done during the transition periods of the year and can save you a lot of headache if they're able to spot problems prematurely.

Contact a company that offers air conditioning repair services to learn more.