Freezing Falsehoods About Mini-Split Acs With A Blast Of Facts

Perhaps there is no bigger decision to make about the comfort of your home than what you use to keep it heated and cooled. If you are looking at mini-split air conditioner, it is helpful if you know the facts about residential air conditioning services. Here is a look at the general falsehoods and the truths that you should know before you make a final decision. 

False: Mini-Split air conditioners are not good for the planet. 

Mini-splits are no more harmful to the environment than a traditional central cooling system. Many of the mechanisms of action are the same. Also, as long as you are using your system that is the right size for your home, the mini-split is highly energy-efficient, which is actually advantageous to the environment. 

False: Most mini-split ACs do a horrible job of providing a stable temperature. 

On the contrary, mini-split ACs do a really good job of providing stable temperatures where they are mounted. This falsehood may stem from the fact that the systems do best in open spaces because there are no ducts to deliver air to partitioned areas of the house. Nevertheless, the systems hold air temperature just the same as other systems; you just have to have good air circulation to keep a partitioned space consistently cooled. 

False: It's more expensive to install a mini-split AC than a full-on central air system.

Mini-splits are one of the simplest types of air conditioning systems to have installed by a residential AC service. The system is referred to as a "split" system because part of it is inside and part of it is out. Unlike a central system that has the two components distanced from each other, the mini-split AC has an inner and outer component that are mounted directly adjacent to each other on the wall. The installation process usually involves creating a small hole in the wall to join the two components. installation can easily be completed within a few short hours. 

False: Mini-split air conditioners only work in smaller homes. 

Mini-split air conditioning systems are the go-to option for people with smaller homes because they make economical sense, but that doesn't mean the systems are only suitable for small homes. You can buy larger units to cool bigger spaces, and mini-splits work really well for use as zoned cooling systems. Zoned cooling systems allow you to control the temperature independently in different parts of the house.