4 Common Reasons For Ductless AC Repair Calls

Even though ductless air conditioning systems have the potential to function just fine for many years without any issues, you may occasionally run into problems. If your ductless AC has problems, reach out to a qualified air conditioning repair service for professional assistance with diagnosis and repair. Here are a few of the most common issues with ductless ACs that will require professional help. 

1. The ductless AC is making odd noises. 

Because a ductless air conditioner does not have ducts and has generally fewer components, it is not quite as likely that it will make noise, but it definitely still can. Odd noises are a common reason for calls to an air conditioner repair service with a ductless unit. The noise is likely radiating from an issue with the fan, such as warped blades or something caught in the blades. 

2. The ductless AC is not keeping the space consistently cooled. 

Lack of consistent cooling can be caused by a lot of things with a ductless air conditioner, but it many cases, the issue will be caused by a problematic thermostat. Watch to see if your AC is kicking on and off as it should be. If not, the thermostat could be to blame. In other situations, you could be dealing with an ailing fan motor inside the air conditioner. In either case, a technician can help you source the proper replacement parts and make repairs. 

3. The ductless AC is running but not blowing out cool air. 

Just like a typical air conditioning system, a ductless AC relies on refrigerant to produce cool air. If you have a system that is still blowing and kicking on and off, there is a chance you have low refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant levels only happen if you have a refrigerant leak, so you will need the help of an air conditioning repair service to track down the leak and mend the issue. 

4. The ductless AC system is dismounting from the proper position. 

One of the more common calls to a repair technician is due to problems with the mounting of the system. Ductless air conditioners are positioned on a wall, which is fine as long as they are initially installed properly. However, it is common for self-installed units to start to slip out of place so that they tilt or are at risk of coming out of place. Thankfully, these issues are generally easy to repair and do not take that long.