4 Tips To Help Get Your Cooling Ready With The Right AC Maintenance And Home Improvements

As the winter months come to an end, cooling maintenance and home improvements are important. Doing good maintenance now will help improve the efficiency of your AC and prevent problems during the heat of the summer. The following tips will help you with the right maintenance and home improvements to get your home ready for hot summer weather.

1. Stop Air Leaks That Lead to Energy Loss and Excessive AC Wear

To start with maintenance for summer cooling needs, inspect openings like windows and doors for air leaks. You want to do home improvements like replace weather stripping and seals to stop air leaks. Other areas that may need repairs to stop air leaks include the penetration of mechanical vents or old caulking that seals cracks around exterior finishes.

2. Change Your Air Filter And Inspect All the AC Ducts Before Using Cooling

Wear of AC components is caused by dust and debris that can be prevented by simply changing the air filter. Before the weather changes, make sure that the air filter has been changed and change it several times through the summer months. When changing the air filter, you will also want to inspect ducts for damage and do any repairs to reduce energy loss and improve the energy efficiency of your AC.

3. Clean Your Outdoor Condensing Unit to Prevent Icing Problems This Summer

The outdoor condensing unit is another component of your AC that needs routine maintenance. Before summer weather, clean the condensing unit to prevent condensation from causing ice to build up and damage the AC unit. In addition, you may want to clean the unit again during the hottest months when your AC is working harder to keep your home cool and comfortable.

4. Make Sure Your Thermostat Has Correct Settings and the Batteries Have Been Changed

The last thing that needs to be done as part of AC maintenance is checking the programming on your thermostat. Make sure that the settings are set for cooling and warmer weather to maximize energy efficiency. Also, make sure that the batteries have been changed before the weather changes. If you do not have a programmable thermostat, you may want to consider having one installed when you have other maintenance done.

These are some home improvements and AC maintenance that needs to be done before the warm summer weather arrives. If you need help with air conditioning repairs and maintenance, contact an HVAC service for help with the maintenance of your AC.