Air Conditioning Installations And Home Warranties: How One Impacts The Other

Okay, so you loved the sales pitch on home warranties so much that you bought the policy. That is great from the standpoint that every appliance you own, including your current air conditioner, is covered against product failures, parts replacement, and total replacement of the system if necessary. That is not so great from the standpoint of who you choose for air conditioning installations. Here is how the home warranties impact air conditioning installations.

A Total Air Conditioning Replacement via Home Warranty

A total home warranty will give you a complete and total air conditioning replacement if and when your current air conditioning system breaks down and is no longer useful or repairable. You cannot exchange the air conditioner you have for any upgraded version, such as central air for a geothermal unit. You have to trade "like for like." For example, if you have a heat pump system, you have to replace it with another heat pump system. Still, not having to pay that cost for a new system and the fees associated with air conditioning installations is quite the deal. Most replacement units of any type start at around two grand, and they only go up from there. 

The Downside of the Home Warranty Program and How It Impacts Your New A/C System

The downside to this deal is that you cannot choose who installs your air conditioning system. You cannot hand-pick or cherry-select your contractor or technician. The home warranty company picks for you, and whoever you get might not be that reputable. You might also receive a lesser quality product than you had hoped for, and nothing about product quality or brand names is guaranteed in or by most home warranties. In short, your home warranty company gives you whatever product they feel like giving you, and they will use whatever contractor they want to use.

Hopefully, this will work in your favor and everything will work out fine. It often does. However, if you have a trusted HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technician already, and you want him/her to get your business, the home warranty is going to be something you want to avoid. Alternatively, you buy an extended warranty on all your heating and cooling products through the technician or contractor you trust. Then, if anything goes wrong with products installed from the home warranty company, the technician you would normally call can help you.