Three Reasons To Call A Full Service Heating Systems Company For Your Old Furnace

If your old furnace doesn't seem to be working right, you should call a full service HVAC service company. This is the type of company that offers maintenance, repair and furnace replacement services. This type of company is important for a homeowner who has had the same furnace for many years because you can get a complete picture of your heating system. The following are three things that a technician can do for you.

They can provide routine cleaning and maintenance

If it has been a long time since you have had any maintenance done on your furnace, it is possible that this may be the only issue. Usually, when this is the case, your furnace will still be operational, but it is not operating the way it used to. For example, the air may not be as hot as it used to be. Whatever the case may be, often a tune up is all your furnace needs. This type of work entails tightening loose belts or replacing damaged belts. Cleaning and lubricating all moving parts is also a part of the service. A technician will also inspect critical components and replace any parts that are not working properly. This type of tune up will bring your furnace up to its best possible operating condition.

Repairs can be made along with a tune up

In some situations, your furnace will need a repair, and a full service heating systems company can do the repairs along with the tuneup. A technician can first troubleshoot the problem, and let you know what the cost will be. If the repair costs make sense for your old furnace, then the technician can do the work and then proceed with the cleaning and other maintenance work.

A replacement furnace can be installed

It may be a situation where the cost of the repair will simply not make any sense once you compare it to replacing your furnace. In this case, having a full service heating systems company is a great advantage. They will usually have the skill to install all of the popular models, and often they have certain models they specialize in. They will be able to recommend the best model for your house, and can go over the efficiency of a new furnace. You are likely to save money on your utility bill as new designs are more energy efficient than older furnaces.

If your old furnace is not operating well or not at all, then you need to contact a full service heating systems company. They will be able to determine whether you only need a tune up, a repair, or whether it is time to get a new furnace. If the latter is true, they can assist you in selecting the best furnace for your home and do the installation.