Protecting Your Heater When Winter Won’t Go Away

Much of the country is still getting socked by winter, even though it's almost late spring. The need to use a heater in adverse, icy conditions for much longer than usual can take a toll on your heating system. If you are in one of the regions that's still getting multiple feet of snow, the heating system in your home is going to need more attention.

Keep Changing Those Filters

If you have a system that requires air filters, keep changing them. With your windows staying closed so much, internal air pollutants like pet dander and loose carpet fibers can build up, clogging filters; change them monthly, if not more frequently.

Always Check for Ice and Snow

When storms have subsided to the point that it's safe to walk outside, inspect all exterior parts of your heating system. It doesn't matter whether you have a heat pump, central heat, or a wall unit -- anything exterior is at risk of being blocked by ice and snow. Clear all vents and brush away as much snow and ice as possible; otherwise, the system will struggle with proper operation because it won't be able to vent as easily.

Try to Conserve Energy

The more you run the heater, the faster it will wear out over time; that's normal. If you're running it a lot because of the extra cold conditions, that can accelerate the normal deterioration of the appliance. It's best to dial back on use a bit; you don't have to stop using it (and you shouldn't), but reduce the thermostat by a degree or two to give the heater a break.

Get an Extra Inspection

You are likely used to HVAC companies telling you to have your heating and air conditioning inspected between seasons. In this case, though, it's doubly important. You're using the system for a longer period of time, and the area you're in may have experienced much colder temperatures and more ice than normal. While your heating system is tough, it's probably time to give it some TLC and get it checked out by a professional once the main threats of ice and cold are gone.

Your heater should last, and these steps will help it stay in better shape for a longer time, especially given the harsh conditions this year. With the right care, you can keep that heater going as long as you need to. For more information, you can contact companies like Environmental  Matters HVAC LLC.