When Dust Is in the Air, Is Your Home Toxic?

A study by the Environmental Protection Agency shows the air in 6 out of 10 homes is hazardous to your health because of airborne pollutants, and, if you are suffering from bad allergies, your home could be the cause. If you have never suffered from severe allergies or asthma, but you've noticed a problem as soon as you've moved into your current home, there are some areas you want to clean. Here are a couple of areas you'll want to focus on.

Duct Cleaning and Filter Changes

All the ducts in the home have to be cleaned out. This may mean some hours spent by the HVAC company using a machine to clean the insides, but it's worth it. The company will remove all the impurities that are residing inside the ducts, and they can apply a cleaning agent to disinfect the ducts.

Once this is done, you want all filters on your furnace or air conditioning unit replaced as well. Talk with the HVAC professional to see if the air in your house is too dry, causing a lot of dust, or if there is mold or mildew because of humidity problems.

Carpet Cleaning

Everything you step in, the bacteria from any floor you put your purse or backpack on, and other germs can end up thriving in your carpeting. Have the carpeting professional cleaned with commercial grade microbial products to kill all the toxins. The professional cleaning won't just pull out dust and bacteria, but it will also make the carpet smell and look better.

This is maintenance necessary to keep the carpet looking new, and to keep the house sanitary. You may want to determine if the carpeting should be tossed out because of age, and because you don't know what is under the carpet padding an inside the floor boards.

An air purification machine can be very helpful with pulling irritants out of the air, and keeping the air at the property humidity levels if it's a dehumidifier as well. You'll want to talk with the experts at the HVAC company and ask if they see any problems with the HVAC system that are causing your dust or allergy concerns. If you fear that carpeting is always going to be a problem for you, and that it may always trigger allergies and other problems, you may want to switch some type of hardwood or engineered wood flooring.