2 Distinct Benefits Of Two Stage Furnaces

More and more people are becoming aware of the incredible benefits offered by two stage furnaces. Yet others remain in the dark, and so miss out on this remarkable development in home appliances. If you would like to update your knowledge of contemporary HVAC technology, read on. This article will discuss two distinct benefits offered by two stage furnaces.

Two Stage Basics

As you can likely guess from its name, a two stage furnace is one whose burner is capable of functioning in two distinct modes, rather than the single mode utilized by traditional furnaces. In other words, rather than simply being on or off, there is a third, in between setting. This mode is engaged when the temperature discrepancy between air and thermostat is not as large. The benefits of this ability are discussed below.

Even Heating

Traditional, single stage furnaces are notoriously bad at promoting even heating. This is because, by operating at full blast, they simply do not have the chance to run long enough to heat all the rooms. Rooms that are farthest from the furnace tend to remain cooler than rooms closer to it, thanks to the longer distance the heated air has to travel to get to the former. This problem tends to grow worse the smaller the difference between the ideal and the actual temperature.

HVAC technicians often refer to this phenomenon as short cycling. Two stage furnaces are able to avoid this problem, thanks to their intermediate setting. This allows the furnace to run for longer, thus allowing the blower an appropriate amount of time to distribute hot air to all of the rooms along the network of ducts.

Higher Air Quality

Short cycling has more drawbacks than simply uneven heating. It also tends to result in decreased air quality. To understand this, it is important to remember that your furnace has to draw air into its system. It pulls this air from the rooms of your home, heats it through a process of combustion, and then recirculates it. As the heated air comes out of the combustion chamber, it passes through an air filter.

The filter helps to remove particular matter from the air. This particular matter may include not just dust, but also things like pet dander, mold spores, and other airborne contaminants. Air filtration is thus an important part of the HVAC system. Yet thanks to short cycling, traditional furnaces often don't run for a long enough time to properly circulate all of the air in your home.

Two stage furnaces, on the other hand, because they are able to remain running for an entire cycle, do a much more thorough job of removing contaminants from your air. That means the air coming out of your vents is much cleaner, and less likely to lead to irritation, allergies, and other problems. For more information about heaters, contact a professional company like A Bailey Plumbing.