Preparation And Installation Steps For A New Window Air Conditioning Unit

If you have purchased a new window air conditioning unit to use in your bedroom, the following steps will help you prepare the window and install the machine properly. Once finished, use the unit without needing to worry about it vibrating while it is in the window or cool air escaping the room due to gaps around the unit.


  • extension cord 
  • glass cleaner
  • lint-free cloths
  • wood cleaner
  • power drill 
  • screws
  • roll of self-adhesive weatherstripping
  • scissors
  • metal brace
  • ladder
  • measuring tape

Clean The Window And Frame And Install The Unit

Select a window in your bedroom that is located near an outlet. If there isn't one close by, you will need to connect an extension cord to the unit. Clean the window's glass with a glass cleaning agent and a lint-free cloth. Clean the window's frame with standard wood cleaner and another cleaning cloth. Open the window all the way. If the air conditioner is heavy, ask a friend to help you lift it and place it in the window.

Center the unit in the window and make sure that the top and bottom flange on the unit are covering the bottom sash on the window and the windowsill. Lower the window until the sash is resting directly on the unit. Install a couple screws through the air conditioner's top flange and the sash in order to secure the unit.

Secure The Accordion Panels And Apply Weatherstripping

Extend the accordion panels from each side of the unit and use a drill to secure them to the window's frame with screws. If there are any gaps after you have completed this step, cut pieces of self-adhesive weatherstripping that are the same size. Remove the backing from each piece of weatherstripping before pressing the insulating material against the surface it is being adhered to.

Install A Brace If Needed

If the portion of the unit that hangs outside of the window isn't level, installing a brace will assist with stabilizing the air conditioner. Place a ladder next to the outdoor part of the air conditioner. Line up an air conditioner brace underneath the bottom of the unit. Use a measuring tape to assist with keeping the brace aligned evenly. Use a power drill to install hardware in each end of the brace.

Go back inside of your home and plug in the air conditioner. Turn the unit on and adjust the thermostat. Enjoy the cool air that is emitted from the air conditioner whenever you would like to reduce the temperature inside of your bedroom.