Answers To Common Questions About The Dangers Of A Clogged Filter In Your Furnace

If you have finally needed to turn on the furnace on a cold night, only to discover that the house isn't much warmer than it was before you did so, it is important to gain an understanding of a common and likely culprit—the clogged air filter. Fortunately, a clogged filter does not have to be an expensive fix. However, being aware of the following information can help you determine if you need to call an emergency HVAC specialist to address a bigger problem or if you are lucky enough to find that replacing the air filter gets your home warm.  

Is A Clogged Filter A Big Dea?

A clogged filter is a common problem and can impact the unit in a variety of ways, including limiting its efficiency while dramatically increasing the amount of fuel or electricity necessary for it to function at all. If left untreated, a clogged filter could allow the furnace to overheat, which can result in the increased likelihood of fire damage to the home and unit.

Why Do Clogged Filters Occur? 

Clogged filters occur because of the dust and debris that occur due to their mere presence and function, coupled with the fact that the furnace often goes unused in many areas for months at a time. In addition, tiny imperfections in the components of the furnace can allow contaminants from outside the unit to gain entrance, thus leading to a reduction of airflow to the evaporator coil. When that airflow is blocked, ice will form on the area and you may notice a water leak at that time.  

Can You Just Change The Filter To Solve The Problem?

While changing the filter is crucial, you should also plan to continue to change it at least every 90 days in the future to prevent the issue from occurring again. If the unit still fails to heat adequately after you have provided a new filter, it is a good idea to consult with an expert. Since the debris from a clogged filter can travel through the furnace and hinder its functionality, you may need to have the unit cleaned entirely in order to restore adequate airflow and expected, safe function.   

In conclusion, an adequate, functioning furnace is an important item for almost every homeowner to have. When you find that your furnace is incapable of doing its expected tasks, the above information will help you to determine what the problem is and what can be done about it. For more information, go to website.