Choosing The Best Space Heaters

With winter approaching, homeowners are understandably trying to think of ways to keep their house cozy and warm on even the coldest days. The fact of the matter is, even if you have a modern central heating system powered by a furnace or air pump, your rooms might not heat evenly. One side of your house might be much colder than the other, if only because of how much sun and shade it has. Basically, you often need to rely on extra heating appliances to help out your furnace. But, which products work best? This article compares several different types of space heaters.

Fan Powered Heaters

Fan powered space heaters are usually the most effective and efficient. They are particularly helpful when it comes to increasing airflow and circulating warm air evenly throughout your rooms. That is, if you have a fan powered space heater running at the same time that your heater is turned on, your airflow could be much stronger.

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic space heaters don't use any sort of fan to push the heat outward. Instead, radiation is used heat the space. This means that if you stand directly in front of a ceramic heater, your legs will get very hot, very quickly. Since these don't really push the air, they usually don't have as much range. That being said, they work very well when it comes to heating up small spaces.

Use a Heater With a Filter

If you are going to invest in a fan powered space heater, look for one that has a filter. With all this air circulating throughout your rooms, there's going to be more dust kicked up. A HEPA filter can definitely fight dust and allergens. Of course, one of the main drawback to ceramic filters is that they don't have any sort of filtering system.

Efficiency and Programming Capabilites

You also need to look at the energy efficiency of your space heater. Even small space heaters, when used for extended periods of time, can hike up your electricity bills. You want to look for a product that not only has good energy efficiency ratings, but also has programmable settings. When you can put your heater on a timer, you can maximize the efficiency and not be as wasteful.

These are just a few of the factors to consider when shopping for space heaters to keep your home a little warmer this winter. Always remember to read reviews on individual products, and consider buying from a retailer that allows you to return the product if you are not satisfied with it.

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