3 Reasons Why Your Central Heater No Longer Works

Did you resort to using a space heater because the central system doesn't warm your house up anymore? If you are worried about not being able to fit a new central heating system into your budget, there might be some hope for the one that you have. Just because a central heater does not put out warm air anymore does not mean that it has broken down completely. In this article, you will discover some of the common things that can make a central heater stop releasing warm air.

The Furnace is No Longer Functional

The most common reason for a central heating system to stop working is from the furnace needing a repair or to be replaced. Resolving the problem might be as simple as reigniting the pilot. If you already tried to reignite the pilot with no success, internal parts of the furnace such as the burner and thermocouple might be the problem. A pilot cannot release a flame without a working burner, while a flame can't be produced without a working thermocouple. The thermocouple is the part that signals the release of gas into the burner so a flame can be ignited.

Years of Dirt Has Accumulated in the System

If your sitting has been installed for numerous years without receiving a single cleaning, dirt is highly possible the reason for the lack of heat. The system actually has several areas that can stop functional properly if too much dirt has accumulated. For example, the ducts must be clean in order for a sufficient amount of air to flow through them. It is also important for the system fan to not have too much dirt on it, as it weighs the fan down and prevents it from fully rotating to produce air. The condenser coil that is located on the exterior of your house can accumulate large amounts of dirt and malfunction as well.

You Need to Invest in a New Air Duct System

It is possible that your house no longer warms up because air leaks out of the ducts before reaching rooms. If the ducts are old, there might be a large number of cracks inside of them. Rust may have developed on the metal throughout the years and ate its way through the ducts. Get in contact with a company like Controlled Comfort so they can thoroughly inspect your central heating system and diagnose the problem.